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Why is Digital Marketing so important in 2021 and beyond?

Writer-TahaBy Taha
21th April 2021
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For where most of the businesses and companies are heading to, Digital Marketing actually is one of the best resorts to scale your growth and get an exponential boost in sales.

If your business venture is still following the traditional methods of reaching out to customers and running just billboards or posters, you are sacrificing a significant number of customers to outdated practices.

With the evolution of modern technologies globally, small and medium businesses are trying their best to stay relevant to their customers and still be able to grow exponentially.

We are witnessing this whole scenario of keeping up as companies have started to focus more on building an online presence since most of their potential customers are hanging out online on social media or other online platforms.

It’s the whole process of attracting targeted audiences that draws a line between a successful business and a failing one.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving a lot of traffic to your website because if it’s not converting into sales, there’s no use of it. A single conversion or sale is better than a hundred viewers.

An Overview

In the era of digital marketing now, the methods of reaching customers have changed a lot. User behaviour is a fundamental element that influences the approaches of businesses.

Now, if a customer chooses to buy a product, they have a bunch of options at hand, the internet being the easiest and the most convenient one.

Researching a particular product barely takes time and a customer actually has more than enough information to decide if he wants that product or if he should look for something else.

This kind of consumer power has had a significant impact on a lot of business models. And there’s no better method as of now than to resort to digital marketing and finding out the customers who could potentially convert into sales.

Why is Digital Marketing so important for businesses?

1. Digital Marketing is directly proportional to conversions

Future of AI, AI projections for the future - Smartknower

A lot of businesses measure their growth by the percentage rate of incoming traffic that’s converted into sales or leads, depending on the goal set by them.

There’s no value to your traffic if it doesn’t convert in the first place.

This is the main reason why businesses streamline their digital marketing campaigns and focus it on conversion over everything else.

There are a lot of tools and techniques that you could deploy for your digital marketing campaign. Right from Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, and email marketing to strong copywriting and content marketing, everything counts.

These methods are going to generate more sales than your traditional methods of brand promotion.

2. Digital Marketing is cost-convenient

Future of AI, AI projections for the future - Smartknower

Talking about capital, small businesses don’t have enough. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t market their products/services. Digital Marketing provides a most cost-effective approach to your marketing campaigns irrespective of the size of your business.

As per a report by Gartner, about 40% of the respondents claimed that they were able to save a considerable amount of money using digital marketing campaigns for the promotion of their services or products.

Digital Marketing campaigns can be run by anyone and you can start from day 1. It doesn’t matter at all if you have a gigantic company or you are just getting started, your campaigns matter the most, and digital marketing makes them extra affordable for you over other traditional marketing methods.

3. It lifts the brand reputation

Future of AI, AI projections for the future - Smartknower

Digital Marketing is able to attract the target audience, a new concept for most of the starting businesses. Such an audience is most likely already aware of your brand or might be interested to check out what you have to offer.

When you are able to deliver what you have promised, a customer doesn’t mind giving you a 5-star rating. This makes them come back to your product or service in the future and in turn, promotes a better relationship with your target audience.

Such customers are returning customers who would come back at any time and those are the ones who could form a loyal customer base around your brand.

The presence of such customers proves very beneficial for your brand reputation because a happy customer is more likely to bring in more customers via word-of-mouth marketing.

As expected, your brand will grow and pave the way for new opportunities for reaching bigger markets and eventually have a permanent spot in the market.

4. It ensures the survival of businesses online

Future of AI, AI projections for the future - Smartknower

For a lot of business establishments, it’s pretty okay to encounter visitors that are inspecting your products and then leave without even buying anything at all.

A lot of people come and go, that’s normal. However, a few targeted users would actually make a purchase if they are satisfied and would come back for more later on.

In case you get less of the later and more of the few now, the business might cease to exist.

Just like I mentioned, having mere visitors isn’t enough. Your visitors have to convert into sales.

And for that purpose, digital marketing helps you adapt some of the proven strategies and techniques that are going to attract more traffic and make them convert into leads or sales.

Digital marketing involves targeting a specific set of audience and when it’s done right, it delivers the right results. After all, that’s what digital marketing is all about.


With this we come to the end of this article. These are some of the reasons why digital marketing is important for the survival of businesses in the 21st century.

With everything moving online, it is necessary to have an online presence as it opens up the gates to a whole new set of customers.

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